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36 Best Songs About Soulmates to Put on Repeat

36 Best Songs About Soulmates to Put on Repeat

What does the word soulmates make you think of? We’ve been told a lot about what it’s supposed to mean, but how does it resonate with you?

When you hear “soulmates,” you may think of the subtle moments between you and your partner, like lying in bed all day watching TV, or crying and laughing because they make me feel light at your most melodramatic. You may think of all the moments you spent together before your relationship turned romantic and how oblivious you were. Or you may think of all the times they were so far away, but because they called, you felt like you’d never been closer.

For some people, a soulmate is someone they have shared history with; the person they grew together and alongside, until their pasts were as intertwined as the roots of a tray. For others, it’s someone they “clicked” with — the person who finishes their sentences, who they could spend days on end with without needing a break — and that person could even just be a close friend. For some, the term describes an ineffable bond; something that can only be felt, not put into words.

This playlist commemorates all those feelings. From love ballads by music’s icons like Whitney Houston and Celine Dion to modern love songs by the likes of Taylor Swift and SZA, this playlist describes loves of all kinds. Hopefully, it will remind you of someone special and help you cherish that connection, whether it’s in the past, present, or future.


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