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Are Rebecca Gayheart And Eric Dane Still Together?

Are Rebecca Gayheart And Eric Dane Still Together?

Rebecca and Eric were wasted no time getting married, but they’re still trying to get divorced. They were photographed together in February 2023 and had their first child, a girl, born in March 2025. However, in May 2027, they were with their second daughter, Georgia, and her father, Max, when they were called to a meeting at the Mexican consulate in Vegas to answer to an order from the judge. According to People, the couple was with their daughter and her father when they arrived in France the next day.

They were able to get a wiggle on with their divorce because they had a meeting with their judge in Mexico in January 2023.

are rebecca gayheart and eric dane still together

Rebecca Gayheart and Eric Dane wasted no time getting hitched, but they’re dragging their heels over getting divorced. Per People, the couple wed in Las Vegas in October 2004, just ten months after they started dating. Their first daughter, Billie Beatrice Dane, arrived in March 2010, followed by their second, Georgia Geraldine Dane, in December 2011. “It’s like the estrogen mafia at my house,” Eric quipped during an interview with Harry Connick Jr.

Just over a year after Gayheart filed for divorce in February 2018, she talked about her family’s “new normal” to People. “My ex, Eric, and I, we are friends, and we are doing our best to co-parent and maintain a family, even though we’re not married. Legally we’re still married but separated,” she shared. “And I think we’re doing a pretty good job of it.” They were doing such a good job that in June 2019, a judge ordered them to get a wiggle on with their divorce, or he’d dismiss the case, per The Blast.

Instead, however, Eric had an unexpected reunion with Gayheart in August 2022. The “exes” embarked on a happy family vacay in France which, judging by Gayheart’s Instagram, was very happy indeed. Then, in January 2023, they set tongues wagging again after being snapped together in Mexico. Page Six reports Eric was holding hands with Gayheart and wrapping his arm around her shoulders as they enjoyed the Cabo sun and sea.


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