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Blake Shelton’s Relationship History

Blake Shelton's Relationship History

As for their divorce, when it came, the two didn’t have much to do. They were both “big and strong,” so they just ” Went away.”

blake sheltons relationship history

Before Kaynette Williams and Blake Shelton divorced, the couple had been residing in Tennessee. Williams returned to her home state of Oklahoma after their split, where she kept a low profile for years. Shelton, meanwhile, continued to bring up their divorce in interviews from time to time, and a source told the National Enquirer that it pained Williams to hear some of the comments Shelton was making about their marriage.

But matters got much worse for Shelton’s ex when Miranda Lambert decided to purchase her own property in the Sooner State. For Williams, “The House That Built Me” singer’s new digs were too close for comfort. “It just felt like Oklahoma wasn’t big enough for all of us,” Williams told the National Enquirer. She then moved to Kansas and started rebuilding her life yet again. She had a rewarding job as an elementary school teacher, and she eventually found love with another cowboy: rodeo champ Cody Joe Scheck.

As for Shelton and Lambert’s living arrangements, the couple didn’t move under one roof permanently after they tied the knot. The home and plot of land that Lambert owned weren’t exactly within walking distance of her husband’s abode — which is why she decided to keep the property. “We mostly live at Blake’s,” she told W in 2012. “But, if you’re pissed, 10 miles away is far enough. If we have a fight, I can say, ‘Go home’ or ‘I’m going home.'”


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