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BUZZ: Angus Cloud’s Former Manager Discusses Alleged Drug Addiction of ‘Euphoria’ Star

BUZZ: Angus Cloud's Former Manager Discusses Alleged Drug Addiction of 'Euphoria' Star

Angus Cloud, the 24-year-old star of HBO’s “Euphoria,” has been accused of being addicted to prescription drugs by his former talent manager, Diomi Cordero. In a lengthy Twitter screed, Cordero laid out his alleged professional relationship with the actor, which he says began when they met in a rehab clinic.

Cordero claims that before he came on board, Cloud’s personal life was in a state of disarray. He says he hired the actor a publicist and new “acting & fashion agents” who helped him “acquire health insurance” and “ensured that his SAG-AFTRA account was correctly configured.” The manager alleges that Cloud’s friends continued to use drugs and threaten his sobriety.

Cordero claims that only two days after Cloud got out of rehab, he went to the actor’s home for a July 4 barbecue and noticed that he had resumed substance abuse. He alleges that the actor’s reckless behavior and lack of regard for his recovery contributed to his relapse.

The talent manager also alleges that he administered CPR when Cloud once overdosed and vomited on him. He claims that the situation gradually deteriorated over the next few months and by November 2021, Cloud had “evidently relinquished control of his addiction.”

Cordero claims he organized a spot in another rehab facility for Cloud while he filmed his final two weeks of the second season of “Euphoria.” However, he alleges that Cloud used drugs in rehab and refused to stay, checking himself out to work on the film “Your Lucky Day.”

The ex-manager claims that Cloud’s behavior towards him became abusive and that he resigned from his position when the actor preferred to go on a trip to Europe with friends instead of him. Cordero is now pursuing payment he says he is owed from the actor.


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