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BUZZ: Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd’s Relationship Status Confirmed After Margera’s Claim of Not Being Legally Married

BUZZ: Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd's Relationship Status Confirmed After Margera's Claim of Not Being Legally Married

Bam Margera is reportedly attempting to dismiss his ex Nicole Boyd’s request for a legal separation, claiming they were never married in the first place. Margera, 43, and Boyd, 39, had a matrimonial ceremony in Reykjavik, Iceland, on Oct. 5, 2013, and the nuptials were featured in a since-deleted video on the MTV alum’s YouTube channel. However, it is unclear whether the former couple ever got a marriage license in the US.

In court documents obtained by People Tuesday, Margera argued that “Boyd and I have never been married, legally or otherwise. To my knowledge, Boyd has never legally changed her name in any state to ‘Nicole Margera’. Every driver’s license or other form of identification I have seen Boyd possess bears the name ‘Nicole Boyd’.”

Margera further claimed that he and Boyd always had a “turbulent and unstable” relationship throughout their more than 10-year run and took breaks on “numerous occasions.” He also said that he “fully knew and understood that Boyd and I were not married” during the European wedding.

In response to Margera’s claims, Boyd’s attorney David Glass told Page Six exclusively that it was not until recently that Boyd had heard Margera’s claim that they were never married. He also noted that because Boyd believed in good faith that she was married to Margera, then she is considered a “putative spouse” under California law and is “entitled to division of property and spousal support, in addition to child custody and support.”

In February, Boyd filed for legal separation in Los Angeles, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. She also reportedly asked the court for spousal support at the time. It was then revealed that Boyd filed the paperwork because she had concerns about Margera’s behavior around their 5-year-old son, Phoenix.

Margera also accused Boyd of moving to California “in part, for the purpose of filing these actions in California to take advantage of the putative marriage laws that exist in California but not Pennsylvania.” Glass defended his client by noting that “the plain facts are that the parties, together, moved to California and lived here for months before Bam


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