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BUZZ: Bam Margera Reportedly Running with Girlfriend and Child Amid Meth Addiction, Brother Says

Jess Margera, the older brother of Bam Margera, took to Twitter Wednesday to express his concern for Bam’s mental health. He claims Bam is suffering a “meltdown” due to an addiction to meth and is “unrecognizable”. Jess further alleges that he has witnessed Bam “hallucinating” and “screaming at a person that wasn’t there”. He also says he is worried about the eight-year-old child who is allegedly with Bam currently.

Jess then tweeted that Bam has been “screaming at his shadow on the wall” due to his addiction issues and that he recently “attacked” him while he was making coffee, screaming about “killing” their father.

The Pennsylvania State Police have issued an arrest warrant for Bam following an alleged altercation with Jess. Authorities announced Monday that they conducted an investigation and found that Bam had been in a “physical altercation”.

Bam has been dealing with a series of legal and personal turmoil in recent years. Earlier this month, he was hit with a restraining order after allegedly invading a man’s home in the middle of the night. He was also arrested in March for public intoxication after being seen yelling at his estranged wife in front of their son, Phoenix. About six months prior, he was in rehab following multiple attempts to escape the facility.

Reps for Bam declined Page Six’s request for comment.


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