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BUZZ: Don Lemon claims CNN fired him for refusing to put ‘liars and bigots’ on-air

BUZZ: Don Lemon claims CNN fired him for refusing to put ‘liars and bigots’ on-air

Ousted CNN anchor Don Lemon claimed the network fired him for refusing to put “liars and bigots” on his news programs.

The journalist, who talked with ABC24 Memphis for his first sit-down interview since his dramatic departure, said he instead fought for honest reporting.

“I have a responsibility as an American — not only as a journalist — to tell the truth and abide by the promises of the Constitution,” he told the local affiliate.

“Because the Constitution says a more perfect union — not a perfect union. I’m not perfect. No one is.”

poppy harlow, don lemon and kaitlan collins at the anchor desk
The former anchor claimed he was fired for refusing to give a platform to “bigots” and “insurrectionists.”

Lemon, 57, insisted that people should “stand up for what is right” to “fulfill the promise of the Constitution.”

“We have to stand up for the truth,” he added.

former cnn boss chris licht standing on stage
Former CNN boss Chris Licht fired Lemon in April after the anchor made a series of sexist comments on-air.
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The former “CNN This Morning” co-anchor said his decades of experience conflicted with since-ousted Chris Licht’s plan of including more conservative voices on the network.

“I don’t believe in platforming liars and bigots, insurrectionists and election deniers and putting them on the same footing as people who are telling the truth; people who are fighting for what’s right, people who are abiding by the Constitution,” Lemon explained.

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chris licht
Licht also got the boot earlier this month after an embarrassing exposé.

“I think that would be a dereliction of journalistic duty to do those sorts of things.” 

CNN fired the former “Don Lemon Show” host in April after making a series of sexist comments on-air.

Days later, he told Page Six exclusively that he planned to spend the summer relaxing on the beach with his fiancé, Tim Malone.

don lemon selfie on a boat
After his dismissal, Lemon told Page Six he’d spend the summer on the beach with his fiancé, Tim Malone.
Don Lemon / Instagram

And while Lemon and Malone were boating in the Hamptons earlier this month, Licht was fired from his role as CEO of the network.

Licht, 51, who held the job for just over a year, exited following a scathing, 15,000-word exposé by the Atlantic in which he participated.

“I fully recognize that this news cycle and my role in it overshadowed the incredible week of reporting that we just had, and distracted from the work of every single journalist in this org,” Licht later told staffers in an apologetic meeting. “And for that, I am sorry.

“As I read that article, I found myself thinking, CNN is not about me,” Licht continued. “I should not be in the news unless it’s taking arrows for you. Your work is what should be written about.”


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