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BUZZ: Florida House Shocked by Slap Incident

BUZZ: Florida House Shocked by Slap Incident

Fabián Basabe, a controversial Page Six fixture and Florida State House Rep., has been accused of slapping a 25-year-old aide. The incident reportedly occurred at a reception hosted by a Tallahassee lobbying firm after Gov. Ron DeSantis’ inauguration.

The aide, Nicolas Fevola, told the outlet that Basabe “had been drinking and was mistaken about something that lead him to slap me in the face in front of other people in the room. He then told me to stand in the corner. I was so embarrassed that I did as he asked.”

When asked about the accusation, Basabe told CBS investigative reporter Jim DeFede, “What? I don’t remember anything like that.”

In a statement to CBS, Fevola said he chose not to speak about it at the time because he was embarrassed and unsure of his right to do so, as Basabe had required him to sign an NDA when he started working with him. Basabe confirmed that there was an application package with an NDA, but said he does not deal with the hiring process. He also alleged that Frevola “has personal issues.”

A rep for Florida House Speaker Paul Renner told CBS Miami that they are aware of the allegations and are investigating the matter. Basabe said he has not been contacted about any investigation.

Oddly, Frevola was previously accused by State Rep. Carolina Amesty of trying to run her over with a car last year when she was facing off with his mom, Janet Frevola, in a GOP primary. Frevola said Amesty falsely accused him of a crime and his denial was accepted by Amesty, who did not comment. This situation is also being investigated by the same body as the Basabe allegation.


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