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BUZZ: Martha Stewart’s Tiny House for Basket Storage: A Tribute to Her Heroism

BUZZ: Martha Stewart's Tiny House for Basket Storage: A Tribute to Her Heroism

Martha Stewart has revealed on Instagram this week that she has an entirely separate house for her basket collection. The lifestyle mogul posed for a photo in front of the small house, which almost resembled something of a chic storage shed, surrounded by all of her baskets in varying shapes, sizes and colors. She explained that she had to replace the rotted cedar shingles with a brand new painted metal roof. Fans were loving her little basket house and some even called it a “life goal”.

In a follow-up post, Stewart showed off another shot of all her baskets stacked and scattered throughout the tiny house. She has gone viral for posting a series of sultry “thirst traps” over the past few years, including a selfie from her pool in East Hampton and one from the salon chair. Earlier this month, she was also caught sipping a margarita out of a measuring cup while onstage at a panel.

Stewart also mentioned that it may be time for another tag sale. Last year, tickets for the most desirable time slots went for $250 a pop, with proceeds going to charity. Fans are now eagerly awaiting the announcement of another tag sale and hoping that they can move into Martha’s basket house.


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