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BUZZ: Patty Raynes, Socialite, Dies in New York City Before Night Out

BUZZ: Patty Raynes, Socialite, Dies in New York City Before Night Out

Late socialite Patty Raynes was eager to get back to her “highly social” life in New York City before her housekeeper discovered her lifeless body in her Wellington, Fla., home on Thursday. Raynes’ best friend, Anna Rothschild, told Page Six that she last texted with Raynes on Monday, and Raynes’ final text to her read: “Coming home the 28th, let’s do so much fun stuff!”

Rothschild said that Raynes was not going out in the days leading up to her death, which was highly unusual for her. She said that Raynes was excited to come back and they were making plans. On the morning of Raynes’ shocking death, some friends received the news via text, which included a message that Raynes’ sister, Nancy Davis, “would be very grateful for ANY information regarding what Patty has been doing for the past week or two.”

Raynes’ close friend and former horse trainer, Alex Hamer, told us that she was “totally normal” when they had dinner and attended a magazine party together on April 19th, the last time he saw her. He said that the last time he spoke to her was on Tuesday and she was not feeling like herself. He also said that she had not been seen riding her horse “for the past four or five days” leading up to her death. Raynes was looking forward to having a horse to ride in New York this summer.

Raynes’ family was one of the inspirations behind the Carrington family on Aaron Spelling’s iconic nighttime soap, “Dynasty.” Multiple sources told us that Raynes was estranged from her West Coast family for years until loss in the family — including the 2017 death of her son Nick — eventually brought them back together. Her mother, Barbara, said she was devastated after her daughter’s passing.

On Friday, her sister, Nancy, posted a tribute on Instagram and wrote: “Heaven has a new Angel.” She also wrote: “I’m beyond shocked and devastated to lose my fun, loving, loyal and caring sister with no warning and not getting to give her one last kiss, one last hug and one last time of telling her how much I really loved her . . . I know she


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