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BUZZ: Rosie O’Donnell Discusses Her Contentment with Being Single and Establishing a Routine

BUZZ: Rosie O'Donnell Discusses Her Contentment with Being Single and Establishing a Routine

Rosie O’Donnell is content with being single. She recently told Page Six in an exclusive interview, “If something happened naturally, you know, maybe. But I don’t know. I’ve kind of settled in my routine. I got it all kind of like a well-oiled machine and I don’t know how much room, I have to tell you the God’s honest truth.” However, she is open to the possibility of romance. She said, “I’m always open to surprises. I’m open to see what falls in front of me, what wonderful pieces of art I get to consume —whether it’s listening to a podcast or whether it’s watching the latest episode of ‘Succession’ or that new show ‘Beef.’ I really thrive on wonderful art, wonderful conversation, intellectual debate … and what I like to consume and it keeps me creatively inspired.”

O’Donnell has been married twice and engaged once. She called it quits with TikToker Aimee Hauer in October 2022 after less than a year together. She had previously gushed about her then-girlfriend on the “Howard Stern Show”, saying, “I watched her little videos and every time I saw her I would smile and [be] like, ‘This woman is perfect. Look at her, she’s so happy and enthusiastic and bright and she has a light coming from her.”

O’Donnell started her podcast so she could be at home more with her youngest daughter, Dakota, who is on the autism spectrum. Recent guests on O’Donnell’s podcast have included comedian Margaret Cho, actress Brooke Shields and trans activist Dylan Mulvaney. O’Donnell says the podcast should really be called, “Chatting With My Friends.” She explained, “I didn’t want to have it be like somebody with something to promote. I wanted it to be just discussions with women that are my friends and issues that are facing us today as we get older … It’s about me at 61, just chatting with friends and hopefully giving people an hour to be away from it all.”


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