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BUZZ: Sandra Lee wants to buy back the home she shared with Gov. Andrew Cuomo

BUZZ: Sandra Lee wants to buy back the home she shared with Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Sandra Lee is ready to return to New York — and she even wants her old house back.

The former first girlfriend is angling to buy back the home she shared with her then-boyfriend, then-Gov. Andrew Cuomo. But we’re told the Westchester home, dubbed Lily Pond, more resembles Grey Gardens.

Lee returned to the property last week with broker Greg Schriefer, according to People.

Sandra Lee and Greg Schriefer
Lee recently visited the property with her broker Greg Schriefer.
Felipe Ramales /
Lilly Pond
The Westchester property is dubbed “Lilly Pond.”
Felipe Ramales /
the pond
Cattails have taken over the pond according to Schriefer.
Felipe Ramales /

Sources told us she left sobbing.

“The house [was] an absolute mess. The landscaping is in ruins. The Christmas tree was still up,” a source told Page Six.

Schriefer told us Lee was “visibly shaken” when she left.

Sandra Lee
Lee was apparently left in tears.
Felipe Ramales /
Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo
Lee sold the property in 2020 after she split from former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.
Getty Images for HBO

“I saw tears in her eyes. She was upset. She put her heart and soul into that property and it’s lost all of its beauty,” he said.

Lee was in the area house-hunting with Schriefer, who helped her sell Lily Pond.

They looked at about 12 homes and decided to visit her previous abode — despite it not being on the market. We’re told it’s not uncommon for Lee to inquire about purchasing homes if she’s interested in a property.

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Greg Schriefer
Schriefer denied the home needed work when he helped sell it.
Felipe Ramales /
Lilly Pond
Lee and her broker looked at about a dozen homes in the area.
Felipe Ramales /

But “she was overwhelmed by how unkempt and how fast [Lily Pond] declined in a matter of three years… overgrown with weeds, trees are in shambles,” the source said.

Schriefer told us cattails were taking over the pond. Still, “she would at some point like to get it back if they’re interested in selling,” he said. “She loves fixing up homes.”

Ironically, a broker told The Post the property needed “a lot of work on the inside” when Lee and Cuomo put it on the market in 2019.

Sandra Lee
Lee hopes the current owners will put the home on the market.
Felipe Ramales /

Schriefer denied that: “Whoever [that broker] was, they were wrong. It was in very good shape when we sold it. It was pristine and furnished beautifully.” He added, “It was her baby.”

The “Semi-Homemade” food mogul tearfully sold her home in 2020, and moved out West to care for her uncle, who was battling cancer.

He recently passed, and Lee is prepping to move back East. Rumor has it she’s working on several new projects, including a TV show going into production this summer.


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