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BUZZ: Sunny Hostin Addresses Whoopi Goldberg’s Flatulence on ‘The View’

BUZZ: Sunny Hostin Addresses Whoopi Goldberg's Flatulence on 'The View'

Sunny Hostin confirmed that Whoopi Goldberg is the most gassy on “The View.” The lawyer was asked a series of questions about Goldberg and their colleagues during Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen” episode. When Cohen wondered who “passes gas the most,” Hostin promptly exclaimed, “Whoopi!”

The “Ghost” star has audibly passed wind on the talk show over the years, much to the bemusement of her tablemates. Just last month, the 67-year-old EGOT winner farted while in the middle of making a point. “That was gas,” Goldberg admitted as her co-hosts and the audience cracked up.

Back in 2001, the “Till” star farted so loudly that she quipped, “Excuse me! I think I just blew a little frog out of there!” Her granddaughter Amara Skye Dean also revealed in 2022 that her grandma was once involved in an elevator “fart war” with Robin Williams and Billy Crystal.

Goldberg has previously admitted to farting during the talk show and that her stage moniker was given to her because she likes whoopee cushions and farting so much. Despite sharing her own experiences with Goldberg’s flatulence on Thursday, Hostin didn’t completely roast her pal. She also called the “Sister Act” star “the most generous gift giver” and “the most likely to pick up the check” when “The View” gals go out to dinner.


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