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BUZZ: Taylor Swift reacts to viral video of her sprinting off stage: ‘Still swift af boi’

BUZZ: Taylor Swift reacts to viral video of her sprinting off stage: ‘Still swift af boi’

Taylor Swift is living up to her name.

The singer joked that she’s “still swift af” after sprinting off stage when her trap door malfunctioned at a recent concert.

The Grammy winner, who is traveling the country on her record-breaking Eras Tour, ran off the stage in Cincinnati, Ohio, Friday night upon realizing the platform — which is designed to lower the singer backstage — wasn’t opening.

One clip of the incident, uploaded by user @jamIs888 on TikTok, showed Swift finishing her performance of “Look What You Made Me Do” before making a quick getaway via the back of the stage.

Thousands of people jumped into the comments section of the TikTok, including the “Lavender Haze” singer.

“still swift af boi,” she commented, poking fun at the now-viral clip of herself running to make it in time for her next wardrobe change.

Taylor Swift
“still swift af boi,” she commented.

“No way she said boi😭😭,” one fan commented, while another wrote, “THIS IS THE FUNNIEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED.”

A third fan chimed in, “Nothing more terrifying than your boss sprinting up behind you outta nowhere,” referencing Swift having to dodge her dancers as she exited the stage.

“I love how she just browses tiktok after a show and comments the most unserious things,” another person wrote.

Taylor Swift
The singer had to run past her dancers to get off the stage in a timely matter.

Swift is nearly four months into her Eras Tour, which kicked off in March. The following night after the stage mishap, Swift surprised the Ohio crowd when she brought out Gracie Abrams — one of her opening acts — for a performance of her song “I Miss You, I’m Sorry.”

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“She’s one of my favorite friends and I love her so much. We haven’t sung together before, so I wanted to bring Gracie out on stage,” Swift told the crowd.

Abrams, 23, didn’t get to perform her usual set due to unexpected weather conditions, which resulted in the show beginning an hour early.

 Taylor Swift
Swift is four months into the Eras Tour.
Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“We’ve got another weather situation but this just means I get to see you sooner! I’ll be going on an hour early at 7pm,” Swift tweeted Saturday.

Over the past four months, the “Karma” singer has kept her three hour-long show going in the pouring rain and with an open wound on her hand.

The “All Too Well” hitmaker even took it in her stride when a bug flew into her mouth while performing in front of 60,000 fans last month.

Taylor Swift with cut on hand
In April, Swift performed for fans despite having an open wound.

“I swallowed a bug. I’m so sorry,” Swift said to the packed Chicago arena.

“Oh, delicious. Oh, God. Is there any chance that none of you saw that?”

She went on, “It’s fine, it’s all, it’s — I’ve swallowed it. So I’m just gonna try not to do as many of those. This is gonna happen again tonight. There’s so many bugs. There’s a thousand of them. Anyway, this has been fun.” 


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