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BUZZ: Why ‘Call Her Daddy’ host Alex Cooper shifted away from sex talk on once-raunchy podcast

CANNES — Let’s not talk about sex, baby.

Alex Cooper explained at the 2023 Cannes Lions Festival why she isn’t “talking about sex so explicitly” on her once-raunchy “Call Her Daddy” podcast these days.

“The pandemic hit and … I think I could feel I wanted to shift the content,” the 28-year-old podcast host explained Tuesday during the “Art of the Interview” panel at Spotify Beach in the South of France.

Cooper — who famously signed a blockbuster $60 million deal with Spotify in 2021 — said she grew tired of solely discussing X-rated topics on the famed show.

“I was talking about sex every single week and listen, I love sex. But there is more to me than just being cute and hot and wanting to have and flirt with boys. There is more to me” she told moderator Dustee Jenkins, Spotify’s chief public affairs officer, and an audience packed with press, marketing execs and enthusiastic fans, collectively referred to as Cooper’s “Daddy Gang.”

alex cooper cannes lions
While Cooper insisted she “loves sex,” she wanted to show listeners that she is multifaceted.
Getty Images for Spotify
alex cooper cannes lions
“There is more to me than just being cute and hot and wanting to have and flirt with boys,” she said during the “Art of the Interview” panel at Spotify Beach in the South of France Tuesday.
Getty Images for Spotify

“I was a Division 1 athlete, I went to college, I studied film and communications,” Cooper added. “There was more I wanted to discuss.”

The host said she “took a risk” in 2020 by dedicating entire episodes to conversations about mental health, a subject matter that felt relevant as she had recently begun therapy.

“And my mother is a therapist, so I’m very interested in mental health,” she said. “And you guys have to understand when I started this, I was talking about sex so explicitly that to admit that I was in therapy meant that I was in my feels, that was not cool for me to admit.”

call her daddy podcast
“Call Her Daddy,” which launched in 2018, was once known for its explicit content.
alex cooper call her daddy
Cooper now discusses topics including mental health, entrepreneurship and more on the podcast.
alex cooper podcast
However, she still gets A-list talent to discuss their sexual escapades.

Cooper said she was “nervous to take that approach” with her listeners, but was delighted when positive feedback came flooding in.

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“Every single person was like, ‘Thank you, thank you for actually showing that it’s not all rainbows and perfect and sex and hotness. You actually can have other layers to you,’” she said onstage

alex cooper
Cooper famously got Christina Aguilera to give sex tips and Gwyneth Paltrow to compare her famous exes’ skills in the bedroom.

Still, Cooper hasn’t entirely nixed conversations about bedroom behavior while recording her hit podcast. 

She memorably spoke about sex toys and favorite positions with pop superstar Christina Aguilera and got Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow to compare exes Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt’s skills in the sack.

“I’m really proud of it,” she said of the open dialogue she’s established with her A-list interviewees and the fans who tune in. “Because I still meet woman who say, ‘Thank you for teaching me about sex and how to enjoy myself and embrace my sexuality and not feel shamed!”

alex cooper matt kaplan engagement
Cooper got engaged to producer Matt Kaplan earlier this year.

However, the soon-to-be bride — who, as Page Six exclusively reported, recently got engaged to Hollywood producer Matt Kaplan — is grateful that her “CHD” acolytes have embraced her evolution as she gets older.

“I think the exciting part is, it’s not a negative to grow up. Ladies, women in the room, it’s a good thing to get old, to mature,” she told the crowd. “I think we’re living in a society where we’re worthless after 30. Like, bitch, I’m in my prime. I’m about to pop off!”

Cooper asserted, “It’s exciting to cultivate an environment in my show that allows women to be excited for their futures rather than stressed out.”


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