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‘The End Is Near’: Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Out With a Bang in Final ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer

‘The End Is Near’: Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Out With a Bang in Final ‘Halloween Ends’ Trailer

Jamie Lee Curtis has one more round of full-force fighting in her to bring Laurie Strode to life in Halloween Ends, the final installment of the decades-old franchise. Ahead of the film’s release on Oct. 14 via Universal Pictures, one last trailer has been shared to preview the incoming cataclysmic conclusion as Curtis prepares to retire the iconic final girl for good.

Michael Meyers disappeared four years prior to the events of the film, which rounds out the revival trilogy led by 2018’s Halloween and 2021’s Halloween Kills, all directed by David Gordon Green. Haunted with paranoia in his absence, Laurie is faced with a question: “What are you gonna do when Michael comes back for you? Cause he is coming.” But the answer is simple – she’ll be prepared.

“Maybe the only way he can die is if I die too,” Laurie wonders in the trailer, leaving no stone unturned as the epic final battle begins closing in. In the time since Meyers was last seen, she has finally started to wrangle back control, no longer allowing fear to dictate how she lives her life. Living with her granddaughter, she relaxes into the swing of writing her memoir before the murder of a young boy yanks her back into violent chaos.

Halloween Ends sees the return of Will Patton as Officer Frank Hawkins, Kyle Richards as Lindsey Wallace, and James Jude Courtney as The Shape. Composer John Carpenter, who helmed the sounds of the original 1978 Halloween, will score the chill-inducing music for the film alongside Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies, who teamed up for “The Junk Yard,” the newly released suspense-building cut from the original motion picture soundtrack.

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According to a release, the soundtrack was pieced together scene by scene for the film, but functions as a standalone piece as well. Dark pop duo Boy Harsher contributed a haunting remix, flipping “Burn It Down” for a multi-track EP featuring two songs and their accompanying instrumentals, including “Burn It Down – Rework.” The project will arrive alongside the original film score on Oct. 14 and on a 12-inch vinyl in January 2023.

Regardless of whether Laurie and Meyers both go down swinging or if she finally gets the best of the chillingly evil villain who has taken so much from her and terrorized her life for years, both of their fates will be decided. “It all ends now,” she says.