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Daisy Jones & The Six: Prince Nicky Joins the Band as Daisy’s New Love Interest

Daisy Jones & The Six: Prince Nicky Joins the Band as Daisy's New Love Interest

Daisy Jones’s life has taken a dramatic turn in episode seven of “Daisy Jones & The Six”. Daisy (Riley Keough) has run away to Greece and contacted her best friend Simone (Nabiyah Be) to come meet her. When Simone and her partner Bernie (Ayesha Harris) arrive, they discover that Daisy has met Prince Nicky and wants Simone to be present for their wedding. Simone is hesitant, and the two have a heated argument when Daisy reveals that she has no intention of returning to the United States and her life with The Six.

Gavin Drea plays Prince Nicky in the show. He is an Irish actor who lives in London and has starred in the British action rom-com series “Wedding Season” as well as “Vikings: Valhalla” and the 2017 movie “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”. He also does voice-over work for video games.

The show’s version of Prince Nicky is an Irish prince with no family who falls madly in love with Daisy. In the book, however, he is Niccolo Argento, an Italian prince who knows Daisy is in a band from the start. They meet in Thailand and fly to Italy to get married before Simone can join them. There is also no mention of his friends or a fight between him and Simone.

In the show, Daisy keeps the band a secret from Nicky until Simone shows her the Rolling Stone cover, and Nicky attempts to create a rift between Daisy and Simone. Another difference between the show and book is that in the show Daisy says she doesn’t regret the wedding, while in the book she says she doesn’t regret the wedding dress.

Once Daisy returns to the band, both TV Nicky and book Niccolo cause issues during rehearsals and the tour. In both versions, he encourages Daisy’s drug use, though it is more severe in the book. The novel also mentions that Nicky seems to have no money and is draining Daisy’s accounts.

In the show, one night they go too hard and Daisy passes out. Nicky puts her in the shower, and Billy (Sam Claflin) and Rod (Timothy Olyphant) arrive to help her as Nicky flees. In the book, this event occurs when the band is on a break from the tour; Nicky and Daisy are on vacation in Europe alone, and she wakes up in the shower. She realizes that if she stays with him, she will die and he will be helpless. She leaves him in Europe and returns to the band.

The final two episodes of “Daisy Jones & The Six” will be released on March 24th on Amazon Prime Video.


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