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Did Gisele Bundchen’s Dad Prefer Leonardo DiCaprio Over Tom Brady?

Did Gisele Bundchen's Dad Prefer Leonardo DiCaprio Over Tom Brady?

“I know him from somewhere, but you cannot see the commonality.”

Despite their differences, it was clear that Valdir and DiCaprio had a great time together. They even took a break to chat with us. Keep an eye on this amazing couple, they may soon have children!

did gisele bundchens dad prefer leonardo dicaprio over tom brady

Watch Leonardo DiCaprio on the big screen, and he seems like a charmer. He certainly charmed more than one person in the Bündchen clan! Despite not visiting Gisele Bündchen’s parents in their native Horizontina, Brazil, Leonardo DiCaprio spent time with them on private family vacays. “I got to know [Leonardo] when he joined our family on a boat cruise in Argentina and Chile,” Valdir Bündchen shared with the Daily Mail in 2016. “We took a bus from Brazil and met up with Leo and Gisele. It was a great time.” As The Things pointed out, Valdir and DiCaprio were such good buddies that many speculated they even continued to hang out after Gisele started dating Tom Brady.

Because he was a Hollywood actor, DiCaprio possessed a certain cachet that instantly endeared him to the Brazilians in Horizontina. Conversely, Brady was much less well-known. “Everybody here knows Leonardo DiCaprio, but nobody [has] ever heard of this American footballer,” Lilico, a Horizontina native, told ESPN in 2008. She went on to explain that the NFL was a foreign concept to Brazilians, adding, “Everybody knocks down everybody but nobody knows why.”

Prior to Brady and Gisele’s marriage, Valdir was described as being very fond of DiCaprio, and expressed more lukewarm sentiments about Brady. “You cannot say that you know someone just by having seen him once, but [Brady] seems to be a nice person,” Valdir said.


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