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Did Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Inherit His Money After His Death?

Did Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Inherit His Money After His Death?

The cat has received a majority of her food from the Lagerfelds for the past few years, and she has been content to sit in their living room with a bowl of fresh fruit and a bottle of wine. However, according to reports, the woman may not be able to travel with the Lagerfelds anymore, per The Observer.

Choupette may be gone forever, but her sweet food never will be.

did karl lagerfelds cat inherit his money after his death

It seems that Choupette hasn’t actually been handed over her slice of Karl Lagerfeld’s fortune. There appears to be two reason for this: first of all, Lagerfeld’s accountant, Lucien Frydlender, went out of business following his death and hasn’t cooperated in helping to divide the money, per the Daily Mail. 

And while that certainly sounds fishy, Frydlender’s wife claims that it was due to an unspecified illness on his part — not fraud. As of 2023, Lagerfeld’s assets still haven’t been properly allocated to Choupette or his other beneficiaries, who are reportedly working hard to secure their own part of the plentiful riches. The second reason, in Choupette’s case, is that French law prohibits people from leaving money to animals in the event of their death, per USA Today. This means that even if Lagerfeld’s surviving loved ones can reach an amicable resolution, the beloved cat still may not walk away with any money. Fortunately, Choupette doesn’t even need it.


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