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How Lionel Richie Really Feels About His Daughter Sofia’s New Husband

How Lionel Richie Really Feels About His Daughter Sofia's New Husband

Lionel Richie is so confident in Sofia’s business skills that he was already familiar with her when she was a child. He’s been friends with her dad for a very long time, so they have a strong connection. Lionel is “a love him,” adding that he is impressed by her determination to make it out on her own.

how lionel richie really feels about his daughter sofias new husband

Lionel Richie had full confidence that Elliot Grainge would take care of Lionel’s daughter, Sofia Richie. As it turns out, way before Sofia and Elliot struck up a romance, the “Hello” crooner already knew who Elliot was. In fact, Lionel has known him since he was a kid.

“I’ll tell you a story, I’ve known Elliot since he was 9,” Lionel told Entertainment Tonight. “So interestingly enough, I didn’t have to vet the kid. I know who he is!” He also shared that he’s been friends with Elliot’s dad, Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge for “a very long time,” so they already had a strong connection. “I love him,” Lionel added.

A source also told Hollywood Life that Lionel is impressed with Elliot’s business acumen. Unlike other privileged kids, he appears to be determined to make it out on his own. “Elliot is such a stand-up guy and really driven. His dad has all the money in the world so he could have chosen to be a trust fund kid but that’s not his style,” they explained. “He studied business and after he graduated he launched his own record label. He’s very ambitious and very smart.” So it’s not surprising that he’s been given the two thumbs up by Sofia’s family and friends. “Everyone in Sofia’s life is happy about this, they all think he’s a great choice,” the source added.


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