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How Paul Rudd Supported Jeremy Renner After His Snowplow Accident

How Paul Rudd Supported Jeremy Renner After His Snowplow Accident

As a friend, Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd are both right at the top of their game. They are both best friends and it makes perfect sense that they would send each other support during and after the man’s snow plow accident.

how paul rudd supported jeremy renner after his snowplow accident

Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd are good friends, so it makes sense that the “Ant-Man” actor would send some encouraging words to his fellow Avenger as he recovers from his snowplow accident. On the April 11 episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Renner explained that Rudd visited him in the hospital as he was promoting a movie, and he also received a video message in the form of a fake Cameo message. “I didn’t even ask him to,” Renner said. “He made a fake one like I paid him money for a Cameo.”

The late-night talk show host then played the video for the audience. “Hey, Jerry,” Rudd said in the video. “I heard you were a little banged up — got into a fight with a snow blower, apparently?” The “Clueless” actor then said that he hopes his friend is feeling better, calling him a “tough guy,” and joked that they could possibly meet each other one day. “In the meantime, take care, and take it easy for a while,” Rudd continued. “And, next time, maybe just let the snow melt. Feel better, Jerry.”

Jokes aside, Rudd has been there for his buddy through it all, and has provided updates on the “Wind River” actor’s recovery. “He’s doing alright,” he told Entertainment Tonight on February 6. “He’s doing well. [I] talked to him yesterday. He’s the best guy and he’s awesome.”


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