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Julia Fox Discusses Brother’s Arrest in First Public Statement

Julia Fox Discusses Brother's Arrest in First Public Statement

Julia Fox is speaking out after her brother, Christopher Fox, was arrested and charged with weapons and drugs offenses. In a March 16 TikTok video, Julia painted a different picture of Christopher than the stories of his arrest have. She described him as “the sweetest, most gentle, kind, soft-spoken, loves animals, loves to plant flowers, has a green thumb, loves nature.” Julia also mentioned that she and her brother have both experienced trauma, and that she was able to channel her aggression in a positive way, whereas Christopher internalized it.

Thomas Fox, Julia and Christopher’s father, has reportedly been trying to get Christopher help for some time. According to The New York Post, Thomas was heard outside his and Christopher’s shared apartment building on March 10 saying “I’ve been trying to kick him out for years. The cops did me a favor.” Julia also clarified some rumors about her brother, saying “He definitely wasn’t making bombs.” In an old High Snobiety interview, she described Christopher as a “mad scientist recluse” who builds 3D printers for fun.

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