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Kevin Costner’s Second Wife Hit With Divorce Filing From Second Wife: Here’s Everything We Know

Kevin Costner's Second Wife Hit With Divorce Filing From Second Wife: Here's Everything We Know

“He’s a very, very successful man and he knows what he’s doing.”

The handbag designer Christine Baumgartner wanted to keep Kevin Costner from quitting “Yellowstone” despite the show’s unprecedented success. She wanted him to commit to the show for the rest of its life.

kevin costners second wife hit with divorce filing from second wife heres everything we know

In October 2022, reports of Christine Baumgartner giving Kevin Costner an ultimatum surfaced online. A source told Radar Online that the handbag designer wanted Costner to quit “Yellowstone” despite its unprecedented success, as he no longer had time for his family.

“It’s really knocked a hole in their family life. The show is such a mega-hit, producers want it to go on forever!” the insider dished, noting that Baumgartner had grown tired of being the only one tending to their three children when Costner was away — which he usually was for months at a time. “She wants a firm commitment this is his last season — or he might have to hit the dusty trail!” they added. While Costner eventually teased leaving “Yellowstone,” he is up to his elbows with work on a new Western project, “Horizon,” whose shooting schedule is rigid. “So, I’ll probably shoot for eight months… It’s a mountain — a mountain of time,” he told Variety in June 2022. “I’m as pressed as I’ve ever been in my life in terms of the responsibilities and the amount of decisions I’m having to make every day, between doing what I’m doing every day for ‘Yellowstone’ and my own [work].”

Meanwhile, Paramount, the network behind “Yellowstone,” remains optimistic about Costner’s involvement series in the coming seasons. “What I can say is our star, the face of our show, and executive producer, are very confident he is going to continue with our show,” network executive Keith Cox told Insider.


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