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Larry David’s Role In Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s and Cheryl Hines’ Marriage

Larry David's Role In Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s and Cheryl Hines' Marriage

So, Cheryl Hines was probably surprise-ized to date a politician, but her fans are still happy about it.

larry davids role in robert f kennedy jr s and cheryl hines marriage

Cheryl Hines’ decision to date a politician may have come as a surprise to many of her fans, but even more surprising is how she met Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in the first place. Speaking with The New York Times in 2014, the actor revealed that it was actually Larry David who introduced them twice. Both encounters came while skiing, first at a resort in Canada, then the following year in Deer Valley, Utah. The third time was the charm, though, as they bumped into each other again at a resort in Aspen, Colorado, and really hit it off.

Hines offered even more insight into their courtship while chatting with Alec Baldwin for his “Here’s the Thing” podcast in August 2022. Confirming what a pivotal role her “Curb Your Enthusiasm” co-star had played, she shared, “He introduced us — just because we were at the same event.” Interestingly, he would go on to second-guess that decision. “Later Larry was like, ‘That’s a terrible idea. No, no, no — don’t get involved,'” Hines shared. But he eventually warmed up to the idea, even giving Kennedy some sage dating advice. As Kennedy told The New York Times, he worried about dating an actor, so he asked David for his opinion. The response? “She’s the most solid person I’ve ever met, and the most beloved person among her peers.” David also assured him that “nothing you ever do will rattle her,” and he was right.


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