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Lisa Marie Presley’s Ex Michael Lockwood Wins Big In Battle Over Their Twins

Lisa Marie Presley's Ex Michael Lockwood Wins Big In Battle Over Their Twins

Michael Lockwood, the son of Elvis Presley, is today’s latest guardian ad litem for the two children of his former wife, Priscilla Presley. This weeks’ ruling in his favor means that he is now able to protect the interests of the music artist’s mother and father. In addition, Richard Roth, Michael Lockwood’s lawyer, said that he is “ready, able and willing” to do so.

lisa marie presleys ex michael lockwood wins big in battle over their twins

Following weeks of legal proceedings, a Los Angeles judge ruled in favor of Michael Lockwood stepping in as guardian ad litem for his and Lisa Marie Presley’s twin daughters, Harper and Finley. The request was reportedly met with zero opposition from the singer’s mother, Priscilla Presley, or her eldest daughter, Riley Keough. According to People, Lookwood argued he “has a good collegial, familial relationship with all of the parties involved” before stating that his rights as guardian ad litem were “morally bound.” The guitarist’s lawyer also confirmed to the aforementioned publication that he’s “ready, able and willing to protect their interests.”

Before Lockwood’s recent legal win, entertainment lawyer Richard Roth shared his perspective regarding his guardian request and even compared the situation to that of Britney Spears and her father, Jamie Spears. “Guarding over the business is really what Mr Lockwood is trying to get. This is akin to Britney Spears, and her father, who became the guardian over her,” Roth explained to Entertainment Tonight. “Both the estate of Elvis and the estate of Lisa Marie would go into their hands, and he essentially wants to control the money of these girls because they are young, and because he’s claiming that he’s the proper one, he’s the one suited to essentially take over the finances of these two young girls.” While this is a win for Lockwood, the Presley estate battle is only just beginning. 


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