‘The Inspection’: A Story of the Few, the Proud, and the Very Horny
Director Elegance Bratton’s makes a poignant autobiographical film debut about a gay Marine trying to find acceptance in the hypermasculine landscape of the military and having more than a few homoerotic fantasies along the way
‘The Menu’ Serves Up the Last Supper of Class Warfare
Part scalpel-sharp satire and part eat-the-rich horror flick, this fine-dining thriller relies on a hot ensemble cast and a dish that’s best served cold
‘The White Lotus’ Gets Renewed for Third Season With New Characters
Sicily no more! The cast of the HBO favorite will head to a new exotic destination
Barack Obama Visits Daily Show, Says Country Doesn’t Want ‘Crazy’
In an interview with Trevor Noah on the The Daily Show, Barack Obama talked post-midterms and the state of our democracy
‘She Said’ Pays Tribute to the Reporters Who Brought Down a Monster — and Started a Movement
Carrie Mulligan and Zoe Kazan are the NYT reporters who finally broke the Harvey Weinstein assault story, one phone call and slammed door at a time
CNN Wants to Ruin New Year’s Eve, Won’t Let Hosts Get Drunk on Air Anymore
CNN chairman and CEO Chris Licht told staffers the extensive on-camera drinking had negatively impacted the network’s “respectability”
After Musk Brush-Off, Jimmy Fallon Addresses Death Hoax: ‘I’m Alive!’
The Tonight Show host tackled the #RIPJimmyFallon hashtag trending on Twitter with a gospel choir
Candace Cameron Bure Addresses Marriage Comments, Blames Everyone But Herself
After receiving backlash for saying that the Great American Family network “will keep traditional marriage at the core,” the actress spoke out for the first time
Jay Leno Just Underwent a Skin Graft for His Burns — and Is Passing Out Cookies to Kids in the Hospital
The former Tonight Show host’s doctor said the comedian is doing well but will need to undergo another procedure later this week
Brendan Fraser Won’t Attend Golden Globes if He’s Nominated for ‘The Whale’: I’m Not a ‘Hypocrite’
“No, I will not participate… It’s because of the history that I have with them,” actor says, citing his accusations that he was groped by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s then-president in 2003