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Paris Hilton Discusses Impact of Pink’s Mocking of Her Sex Tape Scandal

Paris Hilton Discusses Impact of Pink's Mocking of Her Sex Tape Scandal

In her memoir, Paris Hilton opened up about the impact her leaked sex tape had on her life. She discussed how people began to call her a “slut” and a “whore” after the video was released, and how she felt about Pink’s portrayal of her in the “Stupid Girls” music video. In 2017, Pink was asked about the girls she parodied in the video, to which she replied that Hilton was upset with her. Hilton also wrote about being groomed by a male teacher, being drugged and sexually assaulted as a teenager, and having inappropriate encounters with Harvey Weinstein. Through writing about these experiences and sharing her story, Hilton found it to be therapeutic.


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