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RHOSLC: Jen Shah’s Life In Prison Is Really Like This

RHOSLC: Jen Shah's Life In Prison Is Really Like This

“That’s where the fans are. She’s got her own fan group.”

Shah has yet to be arrested or face any charges, but her manager says she is working on a play.

rhoslc jen shahs life in prison is really like this

Jen Shah may not be on ‘The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” any longer, but that doesn’t mean that she isn’t keeping fans updated on her life behind bars. As Shah serves her time in prison, she has been keeping busy. According to TMZ, and her manager, Chris Giovanni, Shah’s working on a play titled “The Real Housewives of Bryan,” which is a nod to the prison center in Bryan, Texas, where she’s serving her time. While Shah heads up the production, she’s teaching fellow inmates how to read and write participate in order to participate in the play. Who knew the things you could learn in prison? In addition, Shah served as a mentor to some of the inmates and she also works in the library and the education department at the facility.

In the same article, Giovanni states that Shah has been practicing her faith behind bars and has a small group of women with whom she holds prayer groups with. The star seems to have made the best of her situation, but she’s still not a big fan of the food. Since she’s been at the facility, Shah has shed 15 pounds. 

As for her life in the cell? The New York Post reports that Shah shares a room with several other ladies in a summer-camp-like setup. “Instead of cells, these camps generally offer dormitory-style housing for all inmates, it will be bunk beds,” attorney Doug Murphy said of the accommodations.


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