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ScoreThe Most Tragic LoveTriangles

ScoreThe Most Tragic LoveTriangles

While the two may have given up their dreams of being alone, the relationships they created are still with them. “What was once difficult has now become easy, because they both share the same dream,” Batten said. 

While the relationships they created may not have been the most stable we’ve ever seen, they’re still some of the best we’ve ever had. And we’re so grateful to have them in our lives.

scorethe most tragic lovetriangles

Mark Cuevas made his Netflix debut on Season 1 of “Love Is Blind” when it aired in 2020. The Atlanta native fell for Jessica Batten, but ultimately the two couldn’t put their differences aside, and they called it quits at their wedding. While the cameras stopped rolling, the drama continued. Cuevas went on to date his former cast mate Lauren “LC” Chamblin shortly after filming wrapped, but he had a different idea about how serious their relationship was then she did. Chamblin found out the personal trainer was seeing other people besides her due to a Reddit post, but Cuevas claims he was never exclusive with his cast mate. 

The drama got even stickier when Batten commented on an Instagram post in 2021 that claimed her former fiancé had been sleeping with several women at the gym he worked at. “Wow. News to me. I only know about one,” Batten wrote. “Our wedding planning, and, you know, all of these kind of hoops that we had to go through, he was spending time with another woman who he ended up dating for a year and a half actually after the show wrapped,” Batten told Entertainment Tonight about her time with Cuevas. 

Cuevas has left the ladies of the pods behind him, however. He went on to marry Aubrey Rainey in September 2022, and they welcomed their first child together a few months before the ceremony. Batten tied the knot with her man Benjamin McGrath the same month as Cuevas, and Chamblin went on to star in Netflix’s “Perfect Match” which aired in 2023.


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