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The Perfectly Packed Life of Tamra Judge, Queen of the world’s most unrequited love

The Perfectly Packed Life of Tamra Judge, Queen of the world's most unrequited love

Tamra Judge: Teddi Mellencamp’s past escapades

the perfectly packed life of tamra judge queen of the worlds most unrequited love

During a recent appearance on “Jeff Lewis Live,” Tamra Judge took the hosts on a trip down memory lane to Teddi Mellencamp’s past escapades. “Can we talk about the celebrity Teddi boned when she was [younger]?” Judge asked. But even though Mellencamp initially protested against Judge’s revelation, she eventually confirmed that the person in question is in the high ranks of celebrities. “And if you’re gonna randomly bone A-list celebrities when you’re younger, use condoms,” she quipped. While Mellencamp tried to conceal the identity of the celebrity, Judge later revealed his initials to be “M.D.,” which the hosts correctly guessed to be Matt Damon. Recounting the experience, Mellencamp revealed she met Damon after sneaking into a club using a fake ID. At the time, she was only 20.  “He was probably 30 — ten years older. I only slept with him one night. He didn’t get my number,” she explained. 

Damon, however, was not Mellencamp’s last rodeo as she has since admitted to meeting her husband Edwin Arroyave on a similar wild night in a Hollywood club. “I thought after that night that that was just one of those … a story that you tell your girlfriends,” she said in an interview with Yahoo!. Following their first meeting, Mellencamp and Arroyave got to know each other better and the rest, they say, is history.


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