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Tucker Carlson Admits What He’s Looking Forward To After Fox News Firing

Tucker Carlson Admits What He's Looking Forward To After Fox News Firing

Tucker Carlson is said to be retired from Fox News. While he remained blindsided when his firing was announced, his future seems to be according to him as retired. He has remained tight with his own party and has been very supportive of the Trump presidency. While many have been surprised by his sudden silence, and that his leaving was kept secret for a day, Carlson’s retired status seem to be true.

tucker carlson admits what hes looking forward to after fox news firing

Since Tucker Carlson was abruptly fired from Fox News, many have wondered how he really feels about his departure and future. After keeping a low profile for a day, the controversial journalist broke his silence for the first time to Daily Mail UK on April 26. While leaving his Florida-based home, Carlson told the news outlet that “retirement is going great so far.” The conservative commentator even expressed happiness in being able to have dinner on weeknights with his wife Susan, again. However, when asked to give further insight into his overall future, Carlson coyly responded: “Appetizers plus entree.”

While the TV journalist seemingly displayed a carefree front, his reaction to his firing was reportedly less positive. According to Vanity Fair, Carlson was “blindsided” by his surprise firing because he was negotiating a new contract with the network at the time. A source also said that the conservative figure had no idea why he was let go from the network. While Carlson’s firing has remained a mystery, The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that his behavior towards network leadership played a part in his exit. During Fox News’ recent court battle with Dominion Voting Systems, various text messages sent by Carlson were featured in the case –– including one where he called a network executive an offensive and vulgar word. While most of Carlson’s messages were redacted, a source claims Fox News officials were worried over the potential backlash the information would cause if it were made public. 


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