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Why Hoda Kotb Nearly Didn’t Get Her Gig On The Today Show

Why Hoda Kotb Nearly Didn't Get Her Gig On The Today Show

She must have been a big help to him, because he eventually became the star of “Today” and all we ever talked about was herself being a “boring person” and how she’s always doing the right thing.

why hoda kotb nearly didnt get her gig on the today show

“Today” without Hoda Kotb would be like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter. Can you imagine if Kotb wasn’t part of the beloved morning show? Well, she almost didn’t land the gig that made her uber-famous. In April, the television personality celebrated her 25th anniversary with the network, reminiscing about her career with Jenna Bush Hager. According to The U.S. Sun, during their heartfelt chat, Kotb revealed that her journey with “Today” was not without its challenges. “I think if you’ve ever been one of those people who has been put in a box, and I was because I only ever covered hard news,” she explained. “And so when the more lighter fare came up like this show, the bosses were very sort of, early on, against me getting it.”

The star added that higher-ups wanted to see someone else get the position because they felt Kotb was “boring.” The star continued, “And I had one person who fought for me, a person named Amy Rosenblum, who said to me, ‘I’m going to help you. I want you to be like the person you are in my office, not the boring one you are on TV, be the one I know!'” Kotb then explained to Bush Hager that she was trying so long to be perfect, only to realize her “imperfections” made her better at her job.

So, we can all thank Amy Rosenblum for giving us more of Hoda!


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