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I’ve never gotten more compliments on my brows than when I paired these 2 treatments

Not gonna lie: My eyebrows have always been my favorite feature. Usually, I just zhuzh them in the mornings with some brow gel, and I’m off. But in the name of really trying out a full-on, full brow (without having to draw it on each morning), I decided to pair a brow tinting and brow lamination in a single service.

If you’ve lusted after really strong boy brows while scrolling Instagram lately, it’s likely that you’ve been admiring the effects of brow lamination. To get brow hairs to stand up in place and look full, they’re combed and a chemical gel is applied to them, kind of like a perm. Once that step is complete, brows are dyed using a colorant that makes them look more pronounced.

brow lamination and tinting
Photo: Rachel Lapidos | Graphic: Well+Good Creative

“A brow tint combined with the lamination is a dynamic duo,” says Josh Beeler, lash and brow specialist with Shen Beauty in Brooklyn. “The brow lamination redirects the hairs and pushes them in whatever direction you want. In most cases, that’s up so that the brow looks fuller. The brow tint also fluffs up the individual hairs to make them look a little puffier.” Often, the people who need this treatment have brows that just need a little extra love, and this one-two punch treatment helps to deliver. “Brows can appear spotty sometimes, or not as full in some areas as others, but a tint fills in those holes to make them look fuller.”

brow lamination and tinting
Photo: Rachel Lapidos | Graphic: Well+Good Creative

I never thought I’d get a brow tint because my arches are already naturally dark; however, Beeler notes that even those with the darkest brows can benefit. “A lot of times, there are baby hairs that you don’t see with the naked eye, and they can be more translucent or not as dark as regular brow hairs,” he says. “When you tint them and then wax them into the shape you prefer, it makes them look stronger and bolder.” When I finally caught a sight of them, they looked much fuller than I was used to. It was jarring at first, since I’m used to lighter (if a bit sparser) brows, but a few days in, I love not having to do anything to them in the mornings. RIP, brow gel.

Watch what happens when you get a brow pinching treatment: 


Pro tip: Here’s how to do brow lamination at home. And if you’re dealing with dryness, this is your solution for dealing with flaky eyebrows, courtesy of the pros.

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