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Hi to everyone here!

This is a short story to tell everyone that nothing is impossible.

I got my crush to propose to me. He was a lecturer, famous and handsome. I am just a normal girl and a student. The day I met him we both felt a spark. Then I slowly started falling for him. I used to write my gratitude for him saying, “Thank you, Universe, he has a crush on me!”

Within one month things turned in my favor. I do not know how but at last he proposed to me. I wanted him to like me but he loved me! The Universe always gives you more. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The sad part is that he is from another religion and I so did not accept him though he also knows that I love him. After that, he left our institute and never came again. It may not be a  happy ending, yet, but still, I have the knowledge of The Secret!

To everyone out there, never think that you are unworthy of anyone or anything. Thank you to Rhonda, and thank you to The Secret team for this website.

Lots of love to everyone,

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