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There’s this really handsome guy who’s actually my brother-in-law’s brother, and for as long as I remember I have been crazy in love with him.

One day The Secret found me through someone’s words and I started to use visualization techniques and develop a grateful lifestyle. First I brought simple things to my life, like more money, more joy, and a great body. This last one really amazed me. Ever since the day I started feeling like a wonderful, handsome man, I get up in the morning with a new light on my face and my spots have disappeared, my arms got bigger and my hair just organized itself for good!

But then I thought I really wanted this guy to notice me and talk to me, and you know, get closer to me. The thing is, only days after visualizing him talking to me, I was invited to a gathering with friends and he showed up. And eventually, he got close to me as I was talking to some other guy about the moon and then stayed listening to me really carefully. The guy I was talking to left and then it was just me and him. It surprised me that he really showed interest in everything I said, even things that seem uninteresting to me. And he started feeling a bit nervous and all that. But then he felt more at ease and stayed with me in silence, even when there were lots of people to go talk to. That night, I even visualized him sitting on a chair across the room right in front of me, and then he sat there!

To wrap it up, since I began to feel love and gratitude in my life, more love and things to be grateful for have been drawn to me magnetically. Now I’m visualizing myself telling him how in love I am and feeling how it is to be in a happy relationship with him.

I seriously couldn’t be more grateful to have had the chance to know The Secret. My life changed forever and I hope yours does too.

Submitted by: Alan R.

Planet Earth

I’m a young writer, digital artist and freelance translator and I’m really passionate about love, magic, spirituality and the quantum universe.

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