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Believe! Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. – My Story

Believe! Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. – My Story


I had an accident and twisted my back, which in turn caused a medical condition called CRPS or Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I was in extreme pain, so much so that I wanted to die. My blood pressure skyrocketed, I looked like a tomato and I scared my mother and doctor who were expecting me to have a heart attack.

I ended up with a beautiful medical dog and only “hope” that one day it would get better. In the meantime, I took a multitude of narcotics to try to curb some of the pain and continue to work. My Social Security Disability did not pay enough to pay the bills, let alone the rent. I was mixing and taking a lot of pain meds. I was written up two times at work because the pain would come out in my voice though I didn’t notice.

My doctor finally took me out of work. Worker’s Comp tried to force me back to work against my doctor’s reports and orders. It did not matter how many doctors agreed with him, they were not willing to take care of me. My condition was permanent and spreading, restricting my ability to walk and to use my hands. And then, the chronic migraines ensued. I had fourteen years of chronic, uncontrollable pain. Cold weather especially seemed to be the bane of my existence. I had caretakers instead of children.

One day I saw “The Secret” on Netflix. I began to watch it every morning and every night. For months I told myself, “Thank you for my healing.” I began to look at things through new eyes, new hope, and new awareness.

Today, thanks to you and your program, I am walking with no limp and I am free of pain for the third winter. Plus, I am looking forward to a future I never thought I would have, only one I had dreamed about.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I tried to share The Secret with my boys and I will keep trying until they understand. Thank you again for saving my life. Had you not shared it with the world, I would still be a burden to my kids. That was something they should never have had to go through. I am still working on myself, but am going to succeed.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much!

Submitted by: Anne10

United States – Connecticut

I’m a disabled single mom of three beautiful boys. They took care of me at a very young age which changed them emotionally and mentally.

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