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Okay! So before I start my story I’d like to admit one thing. Whenever I read stories on The Secret website I wonder why everybody, like most of you, writes “Thank you” at the beginning of the story. but today I finally realized what all of you have felt while writing thank you at the beginning of the story. And here is mine. Thank you so much to the Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am really grateful to the Universe for giving me this sign which was a double confirmation.

Starting the story, I am into something and had asked the Universe for a sign saying this, “Hi Universe, so you know what I feel about that ‘something’ so can you give me a sign that what I’m thinking is worthy and I should move forward on that path?” I asked the signs to be a peacock feather and a butterfly. Now, these are things that you unusually just can not see in my area. And you guys guessed it right! I saw a feather and a butterfly! Not on the same day but within 2 weeks of asking. The peacock feather was in my mom’s cookbook which I had never seen before and suddenly it came up. The butterfly came like a magic while I was watering my plants.

So this was my first confirmation but then I wanted a double confirmation because I am really into that “something” that I had mentioned earlier. This time asked if the sign was really from the Universe and if I am going to achieve it, to please give me a sign in the form of a parrot. And if not, show me a white pigeon or a crow.

And guess what? Today while I was watching a video on YouTube, which I do almost daily, I saw a lot of parrots on a printed saree. I had asked for parrot in any form and I got to see like 100s of them! And I was like, oh my God!

So you see, we can get signs in many ways. But we will surely get them if we ask. What I did was, I just felt grateful to the Universe by writing “Thank you, Universe, for giving me a sign.” Just ask, believe and then let it go. I got the signs when I finally let it go and kept my faith in the Universe, knowing that it would always be with me. I really wish all of who reading this get their wishes fulfilled.

Submitted by: Pooja S. M.


A girl who loves her pet, Fido, more than anything. I am definitely a hard-core believer in the Universe.

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