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I was a single mum at the time, working hard to give my son the best life. A friend suggested I do a dream board. I agreed and reluctantly did up a pin-up board above my bed and wrote out my dreams. I cut out an engagement ring, put up a picture of a couple sitting on a jetty, and cut out a home by the water. I wrote down a description in detail. A house by the water, wooden floorboards, a fireplace, and water views Realizing this was a pure dream as I had no money to my name at this point.

Well approximately 6 months later and there I was, engaged with the ring from the picture I cut out and living in an old house we renovated on the water with wooden floorboards and a fireplace!! And with a jetty a short walk from the front door! A family member knew someone who had an old dump that we had the opportunity to do up and live in almost rent free. Well, it is easy to forget but I did become a believer after that year! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so much for The Secret!

Submitted by: Nicole

Perth western Australia

I’m now a mum of 3, working part time.

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