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I am not good at English so please forgive me about my mistakes .

My boyfriend broke up with me in January and I tried so hard for our relationship but he always said to me that he did not know if our relationship would last. I was really depressed and I got anxiety issues. I was losing hope to get back my partner. In the month of June, my friend told me about the law of attraction but I didn’t bother with it.

Due to negativity my health got bad. It took a month to recover from my health issues and after that, I stopped contacting him. One day I downloaded The Secret Super App and then I read The Secret book. I felt so much positivity and then I tried to manifest a text from my boyfriend and he actually texted me!

Then after a few days, I started to feel depressed again as I was afraid that he would not come back to me. So I then got and watch The Secret movie and after watching it I felt so much positivity! Next, I read all The Secret Success Stories here about how other people manifested their boyfriend’s back. I tried to visualize it and set a deadline for him. And on Sunday he texted me! He said he wants to meet me and he spoke with me!

And yes, miracles do happen. Universe always answers us.
Believe in yourself and believe in the Universe. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Bhawna


I am Bhawna. I am from Jalandhar, Punjab.

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