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In December I found a new relationship thanks to The Secret book series. He is everything I wrote on my list that I wanted. He also came into my life at the very right moment and fixed all of the scars from my previous relationships. We have a very passionate relationship. This is literally the best relationship I have ever had in my life. Life is really amazing if you believe in it!

However, the difficulty for me seemed to be a test of faith to see if I had faith in the Universe. As our relationship began to grow, suddenly he shut himself off from me and disappeared without any clue.

I had to admit that at first, I felt devastated by his disappearance without telling me anything. But for someone who knows about The Secret and the power of gratitude, the only thing I knew is that I have to feel good and not give any energy to negative thoughts.

During that time, I was doing The Magic practices and the relationship practice seemed to appear right at the time my relationship with him started to get difficult. I followed the instructions in The Magic book. I recalled all the good memories that we had together and all those good times that we felt happy together. As I recalled these memories, tears of gratitude began to fill my eyes. I felt really good and grateful for all the good memories we had together.

As I felt gratitude for all the memories and all the good times we had with each other, I also let go of him because I know that the will to choose anything is his alone. I can only feel good, think good thoughts, and have faith that eventually the Universe will bring me the happiness and resolve I asked for.

As time passed by, something in me was telling me that I should tell him how much I feel grateful for having him in my life and how much he changed my life. So, I texted him to tell him how much I felt grateful for him, and that I still wanted to have him in my life regardless of what happened. I also let go of him in that moment.

Then in next day, he came back. He told me how sorry he was for disappearing without telling me. He also told me that he still wants to have me in his life but right now he just has a very hard time with himself and needs more time to cope with all the situations that are going on right now. He also promised to work on this relationship to make it even better.

As you can see, my faith has finally paid off. No matter how difficult the circumstance may be, all you have to do is feel good, feel grateful for your life, and believe that the Universe will bring the best things to you. The Universe never fails to do that.

All this could not have happened for me without the teachings of The Secret. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you so very much to Rhonda Byrne for giving me a whole new life and for all the good in my life up to this point in time.

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The Secret was introduced to me when I was 10. At the time I did not fully understand The Secret but the concept of having all you want by just pure thought was interesting indeed. As I grew up, at 24 I faced a great challenge in life. So, I decided to give The Secret another try and it was worth it! My life has been changed forever since then.

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