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I came to know about The Secret in 2019 while I was dealing with a heartbreak. I am a small town girl with beautiful dreams but my 5 year relationship had ended and I was completely shattered. I had lost all hope in my life and those days were really hard. I was going on a train to my relatives’ house because my mother was concerned that I might do something stupid if I was left alone. Everybody was very concerned about me. We were riding on a train that went directly to my destination. But due to some reasons, we decided to change to another train because this train was running very slow. So we stopped at one of the stations. I had never purchased a book from the railway station bookstore before but that day I did. I went to this bookstore and I was looking for something to feel better. I did not even know what it might be. Then the shopkeeper gave me The Secret and said that I should read it. Before that, I had never heard of this book in my life. My cousin paid for the book because I did not have any money with me.

After I got the book I opened it up to a page random page. That page was about relationships. I started reading that book and trust me before that I was on the verge of completely losing myself because I loved that guy so much! He also loved me as well but my insecurity and childish behavior got the better of me and he left me and got involved with somebody else.

After I started reading The Secret I came to know that all of that time it was me who was attracting everything into my life. I came to know about the law of attraction. I started applying the magic practices into my life and trust me, within a month and a half things really started to happen. First, I got a job that I never thought I could get before. I met amazing people. Everybody loved me.

I always imagined myself with my partner but there was a lot of resentment deep inside my heart. I did meditations and everything else but he was still with that girl. So I decided to just let it go. Then after a month of this, I randomly checked his profile page and I noticed that they both had unfollowed each other. I deleted all the pictures and yes, it works. But not until this time did I start to think that maybe this was not it because he still did not contact me after. I realized that it could be because I knew deep down that I did not really forgive him for everything and that was stopping him from coming back to me.

To cut this long story short, I just started to focus more on myself, and tada!! A handsome, romantic, very nice guy came into my life out of nowhere! So yeah, there is more to it and will tell you about that in the next story.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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I am a small town girl with beautiful dreams.

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