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Hello everyone!

I am Jaanvi and my story is about how I became Mrs. Jaanvi Reddy. After listing all of the qualities that I wanted in my soulmate in my journal, an instant connection happened that allowed us to meet. We met through a dating app. Usually, I do not use dating apps but something made me want to download and install this one. I installed it and there he became my match. We texted and exchanged numbers and we talked for hours on the first day itself. I came to know that he was my soulmate and he felt the same.

After a few days, he proposed to me for marriage. How magical is that? I was in awe!! I said yes as I was just waiting for this to happen. I have to say, I literally waited for years for this man as he was also waiting for a girl like me. People often say when someone is for you, you will know it. I knew that he was mine and that he was my man on the first day itself! I believed it with utter faith that we were inseparable and still do today.

We got engaged in February on the date that we met. We got married happily and I had my first beautiful, baby boy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The key is to have faith, even if things do not seem like they are working because there is always a moment in every second that the Universe is working for you 24/7 to get you your desire. The circumstances do not matter, the Universe will move mountains and people will change the way you desired.
Thank you, Rhonda mam, for revealing The Secret to the entire world. I love you!

Magic Dust to all!

Submitted by: Jaanvi reddy


A firm believer in the Universe.

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