How The Magic Ignited The Fire In Me. – My Story

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Hello everyone! I am writing this because if you are a teenager and life feels tough, there is a way out guys.

First of all, thank you so much, Rhonda ma’am, for enlightening us with this piece of knowledge as it has saved countless lives. You have made this world a better and happier place.

Well, my story started when I was sixteen years old. I was always this ‘happy go lucky’ bright child who loved everyone. In the tenth grade when I started to think about which career I should pursue, I had a lot of uncertainties. I was scared and just saw the flaws and the practical side of every job. I started to talk about this to everyone that I met. That just left me more confused and my insecurities grew. From being the topper of my class, I started spiraling down to failing exams. All I thought about was failing my exams, so that was what started coming in, failing grades. Things all circled down from there. I lost everything, friends, grades, and my confidence. I put on weight and became ugly. I could not see a way up and out.

One day I found The Magic lying on the library table. It looked tempting, you know? An escape from the real world, where they said everything was possible. I had twenty six days before my exams and I had no idea about my course. I had failed all the subjects in the pre-boards and my parents were super stressed. Only a miracle could save me.

I had nothing to lose so I gave my heart and soul to The Magic practices. Honestly, I did not even study very much, I just stayed true to myself. All I wanted was to make my parents proud and have only people with pure hearts around me. My change was quite visible, my anxiety was less and I was happier and hopeful.

What can I say? I scored above ninety in all the subjects but maths! That paper was extremely tough by the way, so it was the happiest day of my life! A month later I got into a government Engineering college, only having to pay the minimum possible fee. My mother teaches in my college and we have the time of our lives together here. My dad proudly tells my success story to everyone, how I struggled and worked so hard and surprised everyone. We all cried so much that day. It was unbelievable and we all did it together.

I have been in this college for a year now and my life has been pretty happening. I lost weight and mended my old friendships. I found real soul mates here, amazing people that I thought could not even exist. And my mother heals with me every day. My life is full of breathtaking moments and experiences that just give me so much joy. My soul is so peaceful and I am experiencing a level of bliss that I have never felt in my life.

If I can do this, then trust me, anybody can. Just believe in yourself, your karma, and the purest form of your being.

Submitted by: Srishti

New Delhi, India

I’m nineteen years old. Currently I’m doing Engineering and I want to be a pop star and an entrepreneur.

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