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I read The Magic some years back and instantly saw how by just using gratitude, my mindset started to change. I honestly was surprised by how many small things in life there are to be grateful for and how my life started to give me so many more positive things to be grateful for. I started using it more and more and I also used the ‘three-finger method’. I manifested parking places for my car and stuff. Once I actually manifested the exact parking space that I had in mind, at an always very stuffed parking place. I manifested a top grade on my exam. I did it down to the smallest details, like which subject I drew and what exact theme. It was even down to the details of how my grade was delivered by my teacher.

However, one of my biggest manifestations was when I manifested my current boyfriend. I had been in a mentally abusive relationship and I was tired of always attracting the same type of guys. So I started scripting. I took a piece of paper and wrote down everything I dreamed of in a boyfriend. I included things like what I wanted including his looks, personality, and values. Also, I wrote that he would have a well paid job matching my own. I put the notebook away and forgot all about it.

Two years went by and the Universe tested me right after by giving me a boyfriend exactly like the prior one. But then I started to set boundaries. I started to stand up for myself. I started to take myself more seriously and work more intensely with my patterns, my traumas, and my inner child. I came to a lot of realizations and I developed a lot.

Then one day when I was ready to just take a break from dating and focus more on myself, I found myself receiving a message on a dating app. The guy didn’t really attract my attention right away but something told me to answer him. It took quite a while before we met for the first time. It was an okay date. He was kind but I wasn’t convinced we were a match. Mainly because I was just ready to focus on myself. I gave him a chance though, and on our second date, something just clicked. We connected in a way, I’ve never experienced before. We ended up dating seriously and one day the thing that I had asked for manifested.

What I had written down suddenly popped up in my thoughts. I started looking in my old notebooks, and there it was. I was shocked when I read it. Every single detail was a true match with my boyfriend. Even down to eye color, hair color, height, personality traits, job, and so on. I have never gone for a specific type. All my exes were different types, different eye colors, different hair colors, heights, and so on. I shared the list with my boyfriend. I told him the story behind it and how I had forgotten all about it. When I showed him the script he said, ‘That’s me!!’. Every single detail was a perfect match with everything he is. He came when I was ready and my vibration was the same frequency as his. I am thanking the Universe every single day for this amazing gift in my life that he is!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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32 year old female, very spiritual. Used the law of attraction a lot the last few years after reading The Magic about 6 or 7 years ago.

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