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I had read The Secret and seen The Secret video when this happened. I have always been a believer, raised as a Christian and a Catholic. When I was exposed to The Secret, I fully understood that what you desire and believe, as explained in The Secret, works like gravity. It doesn’t matter if you understand or don’t understand how it works, if you desire and believe it, it will occur anyway. And then I understood why having faith and believing, with gratitude and inner peace, works. How fully believing with no doubts works.

Every time I consciously overcome my fears or doubts and fully believe, in gratitude with inner peace, I have seen The Secret in action. This is only one example of The Secret working in our lives and one that, 14 years later, I feel I can share.

Back in 2009, I wanted to change our small restaurant’s chairs. It was big money for us, but I still dreamed of being able to do it. We were visiting a large, fancy department store in Santiago, Chile’s capital city. I went to the furniture area and saw a beautiful dining room set for 6 and fell in love with the chairs. They were absolutely beautiful, just like I always dreamed of. They were also very expensive and way out of our budget. Also, it was 1 dining set with 6 chairs and we only needed the chairs as our tables were Ok. We needed 40 chairs to be exact. My husband carefully tilted one chair and looked underneath it to take note of the brand. He immediately recognized that it was a manufacturer he was familiar with and explained to me this brand had its installations in another city that we could visit when driving back to our hometown.
Well, we drove to the manufacturer’s plant, and when we walked in, what we first saw exhibited were our chairs! The same dining room set we saw at the department store. I exclaimed, “Our chairs!!” I really did feel at that moment that they would be our chairs. Unfortunately, they only sold full dining sets of tables with 6 chairs and they explained it would be impossible to order 40 chairs. The price was way out of our budget too, although lower than the price we had seen at the fancy department store earlier that day.

We were disappointed but we still felt and knew these were the chairs we wanted. I knew somehow, someday, these would be the chairs we would have in our small business.

Before continuing our trip back home, my husband suggested we visit a small shop where he had bought wooden, Swiss-styled lamps 15 years back in time. We needed a pair of lamps for our business too. We reached the place where he remembered this shop. He has excellent spatial and visual memory but there was no shop, no sign, nothing. He stopped a passerby and asked, “Good afternoon, by any chance, do you know where I can find the Swiss lamp shop that used to be in this location?” This person told us the shop had closed but their factory was still on the next block on the same street, with no sign, and described the factory’s location. We drove back one block, found it, and knocked.

A small, old lady opened the door and she was the Swiss lamp shop owner that my husband remembered from 15 years back. She told us her husband had passed away and she had closed their selling point but kept the factory. She was now selling all her production to a larger company and that way, she did not have to deal with customers. She was only making furniture, no longer making lamps. She remembered my husband perfectly, as a nice young man beginning his business who walked in and bought many lamps 15 years ago. She invited us into her small factory, and when we walked in, guess what we saw!

Our chairs! She was manufacturing these chairs for the famous furniture brand!

My husband told her what had happened during that day and she decided to make an exception and let us order 40 chairs at the same price she sold these chairs to the larger company. We paid almost the same amount for 40 chairs as if we had bought the dining room set with 6 chairs at the fancy department store! I guess we both wanted these chairs so much that God and the Universe made it all work out perfectly to make our dream come true in the most unexpected way.

Thanks to Rhonda and the team. Thanks for The Secret and explaining how it works.

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Happily married, I and my husband own a small business, a hotel and restaurant in Chile.

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