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Firstly, I would like to thank The Secret team, and especially Rhonda mam, for bringing The Secret into our lives. Many blessings and gratitude to Rhonda and her team.

So I have 2 stories to tell you. One is about a new house and the other is about a job.

So I was looking for a house in VN but since the locality was so expensive, getting a house at a reasonable price without a broker was just impossible. So one day I turned to the Universe and said that I wanted a 1 bhk house in VN without a broker. I wanted it to be fully furnished and in a gated society. I wanted all the things that I use and the places that I go to, to be very close to my house. I wanted an owner who is also kind and humble and who will charge 15 thousand for the rent. Then I asked the Universe to show me a sign of a green color 4-wheeler. By showing me that sign it means that you have listened to my wish and that you are giving me what I have asked for.

And guess what?! Today I am sitting on the balcony of my new house and writing this story, that what I wished for I have now received! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now here is my second story. So I am working in an MNC company and I was hired for the night shift but to be honest, I do not like to work on the night shift. So again, I asked the Universe to do some magic and create a circumstance where I shall be working only on the day shift. Then I again asked for a sign and the sign is a friend giving me a cup of coffee without asking me if I want to drink coffee or not.

Once again, guess what?! A friend offered me a cup of coffee without asking me if I want to drink coffee or not. Then about  15 days later, my manager told me that I would be working only on the day shift and the time would be from 1 PM to 10 PM! I smiled and gave thanks to the Universe because of the magic the Universe created by making a thing that I thought was impossible, possible for me!

So please ask the Universe what you want and then go on with your day and enjoy it. Whenever you think about what you ask for, give thanks for it.

The law of attraction is real. If you get any negative thoughts replace them with positive thoughts and say thank you. For example, if you get a thought that says, “I can’t do it” then replace it with, “I can do it, thank you, thank you, thank you!” Let go of the negative power.

Finally, let it go and be free and it shall come to you. Take a leap of faith and trust that the Universe will catch you. Do not think about what can go wrong, think what can go right, and voila!

Magic dust to all! Keep praying and keep feeling gratitude. Love yourself as much as you can because no one will love you if you do not love yourself. Remember this, always have gratitude for yourself.

Love to you all!

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Pune, India

Loving, caring, humble, and positive.

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