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I came across The Secret in 2013 but I never practiced it or took it seriously. I heard my friends tell me about it but I never read it. One day I picked up The Secret book and read it without stopping. I revisited The Secret movie in 2021 and again in the next year. I was struggling to implement the magic in the book but soon I learned what I had been missing. God blesses each one of us and the Universe is magical. I am thankful and blessed for the beautiful things in life. They are my gifts that I treasure.

My past relationship was troublesome and that changed me as a person. It caused me anxiety, depression, and unwanted insecurities. It was so bad that my frequency turned negative impacting all my decisions and of course that attracted the wrong type of people to me and decisions made by me. Then a lot happened to calm my mind and I walked out of this frequency.

It was only just a few months after I had this new feeling of cutting out people from my life that did not serve me when I met someone. I don’t know how, where, or when I met the man I had only dreamed of before.

One day a few months later, I got a text from him and it was really special. He was everything a woman could have asked for. He had the purest heart, and he instantly attracted me to him. But we both often doubted each other’s value and we did not know the power of manifesting and our thoughts. Our negative thoughts and insecurities triggered us and we started to move apart. In an on-again and off-again type of communication, we did not realize that our thoughts and frequencies were not in sync. Too much happened and it felt like it was impossible to fix.

Do not ever doubt anything. Change your frequency now by thinking good thoughts, laughing a lot, and listening to good music.

In 2022, after a whole year of normal communication, we met each other after a gap. We felt connected. All this while, I practiced gratitude and remained thankful for him and for the beautiful things in my life. I am truly blessed. Practicing affirmations, and feeling gratitude every day, especially before bed made me feel better. It made me believe that everything is possible and that the Universe is taking care of us. That no desire is too big for me and that I am the one for him and he for me. I often saw signs especially when I asked for them. That always made me believe that good things were happening. Each day I felt blessed for the little things in life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We are flowing together as partners and best friends slowly. I thank the Universe for taking care of our hearts through turmoil. I am extremely blessed to know The Secret and The Magic. Stay positive, think positive, and believe what you desire belongs to you. Always be happy and thankful for such gifts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Submitted by: Astha K.


A believer in the Universe and all things beautiful that surrounds us.

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