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I had met the love of my life last year. I had asked for him and manifested him after watching The Secret. He was the man that I had been looking for all of my life. Caring, handsome, happy, and loving and he took care of me in every way possible.

During the start of our relationship and along the way, we realized that we wanted to have a child together because we really liked each other. I felt the symptoms of pregnancy but because that was what I wanted with all my heart, I also had a lot of resistance. That resistance instead led to me getting my periods, but I did not give up.

I kept on visualizing and I saw myself with my baby. I bought clothes for my baby and took folic acid. I pretended as if I was pregnant and then the most amazing thing happened. I just recently found out that I am two weeks pregnant and I’ve never been so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

The Secret is really just living your life as you desire, and that is how the Universe brought my desire to me. When I started believing that I was pregnant rather than just wanting to be pregnant, I let go of my resistance, and then I got pregnant!

I am so grateful to Rhonda Byrne! God bless you. You have taken me out of misery! I fully appreciate life now. You are a true blessing to the world!

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South Africa

I am one driven human. Content and extremely happy. Optimistic. I always look for the best in situations.

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