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My First Manifestation. – My Story

My First Manifestation. – My Story


I just had to spend a great day with my boyfriend. I had to plan something because my parents do not know that I have a boyfriend. I had no idea what to do. Then, I don’t know how, but I just found The Secret book out of nowhere. I read it and then I thought of testing it. I visualized how I wanted my day to be with my boyfriend and for it to happen without any problems and guess what?! It happened just the way I wanted and the way I had visualized it!

During all of this process, I never lost any hope. I never doubted it for a minute. I completely trusted the Universe. I believed in the feeling of love that I had in me. I always thought of being happy with him and so far I have been. I can never forget the joy and happiness I felt after that day because every time I decide to go out with him, somehow or other a complication would come up but not this time.

I am very grateful and very happy about all this. I am looking forward to sharing more stories so thank you.

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