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First of all, thank you very much to Rhonda Byrne for teaching me The Secret, and thank you to all the people who posted their stories. You are such an inspiration to me. Everything is possible!

I was in a lovely relationship of one and a half years with my boyfriend, but last August we broke up due to my negativity. I was constantly fighting for no reason, being zero understanding with him, and just requiring a lot of energy from him. I was going through a period of massive anxiety and negativity, feeling really lost and putting everything on him. I begged him to not leave me, and we even kept talking for the first month, but he was really distant and indifferent to me, so I decided to cut communication. I decided to have no contact with him on my part.

Then I started to read all the stories of people who manifested their lovers back. I knew I had to let him go and to trust that if I wanted him back, but it was not easy.

One day, I asked the Universe for a sign. I asked the Universe to show me a flower that was pink and yellow if he was going to come back. The next day I started to feel a real intense necessity to go for a walk, so I went. When I was going back home, I saw a lot of flowers in different areas, just like the ones I asked for. I was shocked!!!!!

Since that day, I started going for a walk constantly just to remind myself that I have to trust the Universe. I started to let him go. I went out again and just lived my life. After a month of no contact, he sent me a message telling me he loved me and really missed me.

We are back and happier than ever!!!! Thank you very much to the Universe and The Secret!!!!

Submitted by: Angela C

Bogota, Colombia

I am a 24 year old female who just recently graduated with a psychology degree.

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